I was raised in the Hillsboro, Oregon area, where after high school I started a lumber business in 1980 with my husband.  The lumber business grew to five locations with over two hundred employees and is still thriving today. 

We both enjoyed fishing and hunting together and dreamed of some day owning our own ranch where we could raise cattle, ride horses, and hunt.  

We purchased a ranch in Fossil, Oregon in 1999 from a family that had it in their generations for almost 100 years.  In the early years it was one of the largest sheep ranches in Oregon.  After we bought it, we started a Black Angus cattle herd, raised two girls in the small community, and shared hunting and fishing adventures with family and friends. 

In 2015, after thirty-six years of marriage, we parted ways and the ex kept the lumber business and I acquired this beautiful ranch.   At this point we had sold all the cattle and were leasing the grazing rights to local ranchers.  This is when I realized my real passion was guiding friends and family in hopes of finding them a trophy elk or buck to hang on their wall.  I am selling hunts so that the next hunter will find the trophy animal they can brag about from the Stanley Ranch.

I call this place my little piece of heaven and feel very fortunate to live here and to be able to share it with all my friends and family, and now with new friends that share a passion for seeing amazing wildlife and the beauty of Eastern Oregon.

Happy Hunting,  
Marlene Stanley - Owner & Guide


The Headquarters


The Bar.JPG

The Meyers Hunting Cabin

The River Cabin (Tavo’s Cabina)