Stanley Ranch

The Stanley

The Stanley Ranch is 34,000 acres of Eastern Oregon beauty located on the John Day river near the sleepy town of Fossil.  The property is a prime cattle grazing and trophy hunting ranch owned and operated by Marlene Stanley. Find out more


The Stanley Ranch is home to more than 20 unique species of wildlife from big game like mule deer, Rocky Mountain elk, and bighorn sheep, as well as smaller animals like merriam turkey, mountain quail, and bobcat. It’s not uncommon to see a herd of pronghorn as well or even the elusive aoudad! And watch out for predators like cougars, western rattlesnakes, and even black bear on occasion.


Mule deer at sunset

Rocky Mountain Elk in the snow

California BigHorn Sheep

Cougar surveying the ground below

Aoudad making their way across the ranch

Away from the smog in cities, our hearts are drawn west, where the only dust is earth, and the only barrier is the sky. Head west for the silence that roars from a wild heart.

With the abundance of wildlife on The Stanley Ranch, it’s not to hard to guess that it is one of the best hunting grounds in the state of Oregon. With ever growing herds of elk, deer, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, and aoudad, hunting on the Stanley Ranch is a hunt of a lifetime. Game birds abound here, with record high counts of chuckers, quail, and even merriam turkeys on the ranch this year. And don’t forget, with 6 miles of John Day River access, you can fish for small mouth bass, steelhead, and more.